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ENFLEUR is a Nashville-based premium cannabis wellness brand.  Created by two sisters, Monica Belanger and Jessica Price, ENFLEUR’s passion is to provide the highest quality wellness products that are proven safe, completely transparent, and backed by science.

With the stigma against cannabis waning, there is a new breed of consumer interested in cannabinoid research. ENFLEUR finds and vets this research, ensuring it originates from within credible institutions, and then makes it accessible to empower the wellness choices of the enlightened consumer.

ENFLEUR’s goal is simple: to help people understand the therapeutic potential of cannabis and provide responsible and elegant cannabis-based solutions for wellness.


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Monica Belanger, Founder

“I’ve never been bound by conformity, and my unrelenting desire to rebel against the status-quo, even while on my quest for wellness, led me to the cannabis industry. It has been one of the great rewards of my life.”

My personal journey towards wellness has been lengthy and messy, at best.  And the one thing I can be certain of is that the journey is ongoing. As a survivor of “Big T” trauma, I learned to self-medicate at a young age - which ultimately lead to a ruthless battle with addiction. This was not where I’d wanted to end up, so after pursuing many avenues and potential solutions, I began exploring a holistic approach that recognized the inextricable tie between mind and body, and treated both. It was only then that I began to experience true healing and see the fruit of that healing in my life. The holistically conscious approach to wellness is my personal philosophy, and it underlies ENFLEUR’s intent and objectives.

Drawing on nearly 15 years in marketing, branding, product and service development, ENFLEUR is the culmination of passion, research, and experience in order to bring something to the market that I wholeheartedly believe is part of a larger narrative of change happening in this country. It’s time to be educated. It’s time to be empowered. It’s time to be well.

It is well. This is ENFLEUR.


Jessica Price, Partner

It was with guarded optimism that I began researching CBD. I had heard it touted variously as a miraculous panacea to an over-hyped health fad. At the request of my sister who has always been more willing to try new and different things than myself, I began accessing credible research from reputable sources. Although I believe in the impact of a powerful anecdote, I wanted to understand, medically and scientifically, what CBD had been demonstrated as able to do.

The range of studies that I read over the following months have covered a wide range of potential applications, from mental health (such as anxiety disorders, PTSD, and psychosis), to neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), to cancers where CBD has been shown to have anti-proliferative effects, reducing the growth and spread of certain cancers. These findings, coupled with CBD having established itself as generally well tolerated, even at acute doses, was enough for me to try it for myself. I have always struggled personally with a low-grade anxiety that worsened under stress and could flare unexpectedly in social situations.

Since taking CBD regularly, my overall sense of wellness has improved, and my anxiety (and its related anxiety-driven behaviors like smoking – yikes!) are no longer an issue in my life.

So there you have it – a testimony of sorts where I tell you that all of the research I engaged in culminated in an anecdote all my own. But as someone who took the long way around in terms of trying CBD, I can say that I am a believer for what I take to be all the right reasons.

It is from this vantage point that I can sincerely say that if you happen to find yourself on the fence about CBD, I encourage you to spend some time with the research yourself. But equally, my wish for you is that you will ultimately be emboldened to engage in the best research possible as it relates to you and give it a try. You just may find yourself well.


Jessica Price, MA



It is well with the mind. Advocating education for empowered, conscientious choices in the cannabinoid sphere.

It is well with the body. Providing responsible formulations that are fully-transparent, utilizing actual science and organically cultivated ingredients.

Wellness for the mind and body to live life eyes wide open.

This is Enfleur.


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