Protecting your liver from alcohol with CBD


Big night out in the works? ENFLEUR would like to add to your party preparations by sharing a study published in the international, interdisciplinary journal, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, that investigates CBD’s antioxidant activity in terms of liver protection against the alcohol-induced harm. In mice models, it was found that alcohol increases autophagy, which is the liver’s ability to clean out and replace damaged cells while reducing alcohol-mediated oxidative stress, decreasing cellular damage. CBD also reduced steaosis, which is the abnormal retention of lipids, or fat cells, which can impair healthy liver function.

Whether you’re planning to relax with a glass of wine, or be the life of the party, incorporating a high-quality, high-potency CBD supplement into your pre-game routine can provide additional protection for one of your body’s most hardworking organs.

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Why does this matter? CBD has been shown to promote healthy cell regeneration, protect against alcohol-induced oxidative stress, and prevent fat retention in the liver.