Adaptogen Series: American Ginseng


American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius

American ginseng, bearing a ginsenoside profile distinct from its cousin, Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng), is a well-investigated adaptogen that has been subject to many credible studies demonstrating its therapeutic potential, a few of which Enfleur is pleased to share here. The international peer-reviewed journal Anticancer Research published a study finds that American ginseng inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells, while another published by the peer-reviewed journal Oncology Reports finds that American ginseng induced colon cancer cell death. Another study published by Psychopharmacology finds that a dose of American ginseng was followed by “robust working memory enhancement”, and suggested further research into dosing regimens for those with fragile cognition. International Immunopharmacology published a study finding that American Ginseng “significantly reduced gut inflammation” associated with inflammatory bowel disease. American ginseng has also been found to safely and effectively help maintain blood sugar levels in those with type II diabetes, as well as to significantly shorten the duration of colds. The international peer-reviewed Journal of Ginseng Research published a review that evaluates ginseng as an “effective and stable therapeutic agent [that] alleviates the anxiety and depression caused by stress and ameliorates inflammatory diseases.”

Although American ginseng is a variously beneficial supplement, one must be wary of both the quality and dosing of American ginseng when choosing to supplement with this powerful adaptogen, which is why it is essential to choose a product with rigorous standards of quality, transparency, and responsibility.