CBD and PTSD: deactivating "triggers"


PTSD is not only a grave impediment to living the life one might desire, but it also has the ability to limit the possibilities of life one can even see for themselves. Some who live with PTSD may find themselves isolating, or self-medicating, which can lead to substance use disorders. Some can also endure a persistent feeling of shame, guilt, fear, and a host of other arresting emotions that diminish the lived quality of day to day life. For this reason, ENFLEUR is happy to share the results of a 2019 review published by the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychopharmacology, that assessed the current literature regarding the possible therapeutic role the endocannabinoid system plays in PTSD. Currently, all relevant studies show that the activation if CB-1 receptors facilitates the extinction of aversive and/or traumatic memories. This means that it is possible for a quality CBD supplement, which activates CB-1 receptors, to be used in the correction of some of the debilitating and restricting symptoms of PTSD.

Why does this matter? So far, the research indicates significant therapeutic promise regarding the direct or indirect activation of CB-1 receptors and the potential for one to disconnect the undesired emotional or physical effects of PTSD from their related “triggers”.