FDA feels pressure to regulate booming CBD market


During a meeting last Wednesday, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb acknowledged the urgent need for the FDA to introduce some means of oversight in the booming hemp-derived CBD market. The issue has been become urgent in the wake of a surge of CBD products that have entered the market since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.  

Gottlieb noted that the road forward in terms of establishing rules for the CBD market would not be “straightforward”, and speculated that a possible solution might look like allowing CBD in consumables, and restricting higher dose, pharmaceutical grade CBD in order to stimulate the research sector to continue studying CBD’s potential therapeutic uses. Gottlieb also noted that if FDA rulemaking for CBD becomes too troublesome, he would be willing to work with Congress to create legislation.  

Stuart Tomc, VP of human nutrition at CV Sciences, Inc., noted that the “emerging (CBD) industry lacks FDA oversight with only a subset of responsible companies doing what it takes to ensure safe and high-quality product.”  

ENFLEUR will continue to follow this developing story and encourages consumers of CBD to purchase from high quality and transparent companies when choosing a CBD product to complement their wellness routine.