Self-administered CBD leads to “striking response” in case of lung cancer


The peer-reviewed SAGE Open Medical Case Reports recently published an article highlighting the case of an 81-year-old man who was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung. While ENFLEUR supports patient empowerment, which includes seeking the expert advice of medical professionals, we are sharing with you this extraordinary case in order to highlight the need for more focused studies on the potential medical applications of CBD. The patient declined to pursue chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as he was advanced in age and was concerned that the treatments could adversely affect his quality of life. Instead, he began to self-administer a low-dose CBD tincture (1.32mg twice daily for a week, then 6mg twice daily) through the month of September 2017. A follow up scan in November 2017 found that the lung mass, which had been measured at 2.7 x 2.8 cm, “revealed near total resolution”. The article went on to speculate as to how the patient achieved such a striking response, absent any diet, drug, or lifestyle changes. CBD’s ability to act directly and indirectly on tumor cells is mentioned, in addition to CBD’s ability to produce apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. Immunologically, CBD is noted to significantly inhibit “…the recruitment of tumour-associated macrophages in primary tumour stroma and secondary lung metastases.” 

Why does this matter? The significant response to self-administered CBD for a patient under medical supervision signals the need for further research on the efficacy of CBD in cancer treatment.