Pancreatic cancer survival rates dramatically improved by CBD


ENFLEUR would like to share research that showed that pancreatic cancer in mice treated with anti-cancer medication as well as CBD survived at three times the rate of those treated with anti-cancer medication alone. Published by Oncogene, one of the world’s leading cancer journals, this research details the connection between the novel cannabinoid receptor GPR55 and the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells and tumor growth. Whereas signaling the GPR55 increased both proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells and tumor growth, CBD acts as an effective antagonist of GPR55, which is to say that it effectively inhibits it, resulting in reduced pancreatic cancer cell growth. Although this study has not yet been replicated in human trials, it highlights the demand for continued investigation of the efficacy of cannabis-based treatments, particularly in pancreatic cancer, where the less than 7% five-year survival rate has not been improved upon in 40 years.

The potential of CBD in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as in the promotion of general wellness has come into the fore, where the demand for further research is justifiably growing. As CBD is well-tolerated, integrating a high quality, CBD product into a wellness regimen is worth good consideration.

Why does this matter? CBD has been shown to significantly prolong the life-span of mice with pancreatic cancer.