CBD shows promise for those living with psoriasis


ENFLEUR is pleased to share a consensus growing in the medical community regarding the efficacy of CBD in the treatment of psoriasis. Medical News Today cites a 2007 study that notes the ability of CBD to inhibit epidermal keratinocyte hyper-proliferation, a feature of psoriasis resulting in excess production of skin cells. Medical News Today also cites a 2016 review published in Current Clinical Pharmacology that notes that cannabinoids hold therapeutic potential in treating psoriasis. In addition, the National Psoriasis Foundation refers anecdotally to a psoriasis patient who credits high-potency CBD as the most beneficial oil she ingests. As CBD’s anti-inflammatory activity is scientifically demonstrated, as well as its ability to mediate pain and reduce anxiety, a trigger for psoriatic outbreaks, CBD shows remarkable potential in the treatment and management of psoriasis.

Why does this matter? CBD slows the skin cell production characteristic of psoriasis, while reducing inflammation, pain, and anxiety, a common trigger for psoriatic outbreaks.