Survey finds that CBD improves quality of life for seniors


A survey by Remedy Review of 1,000 seniors who use CBD (that was later picked up by Forbes) reported overwhelmingly positive findings for the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Of those participating, 26.7% stated that they had a poor quality of life prior to using CBD, this number dropping to 5.6% after using CBD. The 42.2% who responded that their quality of life was fair prior to using CBD dropped to 28.9% after, whereas those who initially reported a good quality of life before using CBD increased from 31.1% to 65.6%.

The preferred method of using CBD was reported to be oral, at 54.4%, with adding CBD to a beverage came in second at 21.1%. The remainder of the respondents ingested CBD through edibles, took capsules, or vaped/smoked it.

The majority of respondents indicated that they took CBD in order to ameliorate inflammation (42%), chronic pain (40.9%), poor sleep quality (38.6%), and arthritis (31.8%).

Why does this matter? Although any wellness regime should include the oversight of a physician, the fact that CBD is generally very well tolerated makes it a worthwhile consideration for seniors looking to improve their quality of life.