Study finds CBD beneficial for those struggling with sleep and anxiety


ENFLEUR is pleased to share a recent study published by Kaiser Permanente’s peer-reviewed medical journal evaluating the efficacy of CBD on those living with anxiety and sleep disorders. The study notes that “[m]ost patients appreciated the opportunity to try something natural and avoid further or initial psychiatric medication use.” It was found that, over the first month of taking CBD, the final sample of 72 participants had decreased anxiety scores by 79.2%, while sleep was improved by 66.7%. Sleep improvement fluctuated beyond this point, however anxiety remained consistently low while taking CBD. These results were reported at a dose range from 25mg daily to 175mg daily, which the study finds significant since an adequate clinical response was achieved at lower doses than the preceding clinical literature reported (300-600mg daily, which is cost prohibitive for many consumers). 

While ENFLEUR has previously shared research that has demonstrated CBD’s efficacy in the treatment of anxiety disorders, as well as in aiding a healthful night’s sleep, additional studies confirming the efficacy of CBD in treating these conditions adds further credibility to cannabinoid-based plant medicine in improving quality of life. 

Why does this matter? Those living with anxiety-based insomnia have reason to consider CBD as a well-tolerated anxyolitic and sleep aid as another study finds that CBD, a substitute for psychiatric medication, effectively treats both anxiety and improves sleep.