4-year study shows CBD's anticancer potential

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ENFLEUR 1000mg Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids
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Anticancer Research, an independent international peer-reviewed medical journal, recently published a study investigating the possibility of objective clinical evidence of anti-cancer activity in the use of CBD. ENFLEUR is pleased to share the results of the study, which found that 92% of the 119 cases followed with solid tumors over a 4-year period showed clinical results. Many of these cases showed a reduction in circulating tumor cells, while others showed a reduction in tumor size. None of the cases followed exhibited side effects. Cases that showed what the study deems “clear improvement” on the CBD were patients with oesophageal cancer, lymphoma, and prostate cancer, as well as spinal and brain cancers. The study concludes that CBD is a candidate for treating patients with glioma and breast cancer in particular.

Being that CBD has proven itself to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent that is generally well tolerated even at acute doses, it is worth considering the inclusion of a high quality, high potency CBD product in a daily wellness routine.

Why does this matter? Objective clinical evidence for anticancer activity in synthetic pharmaceutical-grade CBD has been established.