10 evidence-based reasons for CBD wellness


Credible information is fundamental to empowered decision making, and some of the most important choices to be made are those dealing with managing personal wellness. . ENFLEUR would like to offer an abbreviated list of what some clinical studies have found regarding CBD’s potential therapeutic applications. 

1: Inflammation. CBD is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory.

2: Pain.CBD has clinically demonstrated analgesic properties.

3: Brain health. CBD has clinically demonstrated neuroprotectivity. 

4: Anxiety.CBD has demonstrated anti-anxiety activity in multiple clinical studies.

5: Skin. CBD has demonstrated the ability to help resolve inflammation based skin conditions such as acneeczema, and psoriasis.

6: Gut health. CBD has been clinically shown to decrease gut inflammation.

7: Sleep. CBD clinically shown to not disrupt a healthy sleep cycle, so it does not create the groggy side effects of pharmaceutical sedatives.

8: Relapse. CBD clinically shown to help prevent relapse in the alcohol and cocaine use disorders.

9: Migraine. CBD has shown clinical promise in both the prevention and treatment of migraines.

10: Stress. CBD has been clinically shown to minimize the intensity of blood pressure increase brought on by both physical and psychological stress.

Why does this matter: Both the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health have acknowledged some of CBD’s therapeutic properties. This is a short list of what studies have found to date.